Bellsouth Email Not Working: A lot has changed since we first started to use our Bellsouth email account. The company and all its services are now merged with AT&T. On a positive note, we can say the service and its features have improved quite a lot after this merger. The user interface and security functions of Bellsouth are now better than ever before. However, there are some inevitable errors and issues that can cause a lot of trouble for users. If your Bellsouth email is not working then you should try to fix it as early as possible because it can lead to miss important emails. 

Go through this post carefully if your Bellsouth email not working at all or if you are facing issues with some of its features. In this post, we are going to provide some easy troubleshooting measures to fix all such problems in the easiest possible manner. 

What are the common Bellsouth email problems?

 Before moving on and discussing solutions to fix a problem related to Bellsouth, let’s take a look at what the most common issues are. You should note that there is no email service present that is completely free from all kinds of errors and issues. In fact, some problems here and there are inevitable with every email account. The most common issues are as follows. 

  • Bellsouth email not working on Windows 10
  • Can’t remember my Bellsouth email password 
  • Bellsouth email not working on iPhone 2021
  • Unable to add Bellsouth email to iPhone (12,11.13 Pro, IOS 14)
  • Bellsouth email not syncing
  • Can’t get Bellsouth email on iPhone (12,11.13 Pro, IOS 14)
  • Unable to access email 
  • Bellsouth email not updating 
  • Unable to send email to
  • Bellsouth email not working in Outlook 
  • Not receiving Bellsouth email 
  • Can not sign in to bellsouth email 
  • Forgot my bellsouth email password
  • Bellsouth email forgot security questions
  • Problems with bellsouth password recovery
  • Unable to reset Bellsouth email password
  • Bellsouth not accepting my password

Please remember that we have provided the above list of issues just to give you some good examples of major errors and issues. The fact is there are many more problems that you might have to deal with while using this email service. 

Why your Bellsouth is not working?

Well, it is very difficult to choose a particular reason why your Bellsouth account is not working without knowing the exact issue you are facing. In fact, there are multiple possible factors responsible for a Bellsouth problem. Nonetheless, we have created a list of some of the common reasons why users have to deal with Bellsouth email issues. 

  • Internet Connectivity – A good internet connection is the most basic requirement to use not only Bellsouth but any email service. If Bellsouth email is not opening then your internet connection might not be good. 
  • Browser’s Compatibility – A very good thing about Bellsouth (AT&T) email is that it is compatible with most of the browsers. However, there are a few browsers that do not work well with Bellsouth. In case you are using one such browser then you might have to deal with some problems. 
  • Version of the Browser – Bellsouth email might not work properly in case you are using an outdated browser. 
  • Plugins and add-ons – The purpose of adding a plugin to a browser is to make it more user-friendly. However, some plugins can also be a bit problematic. Those who are using a problematic add-on might have to face Bellsouth email issues.
  • Incorrect login credentials – The main reason behind unable to sign in to Bellsouth email problem is entering the incorrect user Id or password. 
  • Incorrect IMAP/ POP settings – Many users prefer using their Bellsouth email account after configuring the same of outlook or other third email clients. However, to use Bellsouth email on Outlook, you will have to enter the correct IMAP/ POP settings. 
  • Hindrance due to antivirus – Sometimes, our antivirus can also block Bellsouth email from connecting to the Internet and fetching the emails. 
  • Low space in Device – Another common reason being Bellsouth webmail problems is the availability of less storage space in Bellsouth email account. 

How to fix Bellsouth email not working problem?

The procedure to fix such a problem depends upon the device you are using. We have discussed the common troubleshooting steps as given below. 

Bellsouth email not working on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. 

Most of us use Bellsouth on common web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Check the solutions applicable if Bellsouth not working with any of such browsers. 

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your device is connected to the internet. To check your internet connection you may try to open any random website on your PC. If other websites are running smoothly then there is no problem with the Internet. 
  • Make sure that you are using a compatible web browser to open Bellsouth email account. 
  • Bellsouth works the best with the latest version of the web browser. You should update the same immediately in case you are using an obsolete version. 
  • Disable third-party add-ons and plugins that you might have installed on your browser and run Bellsouth email once again. 
  • Switch to another browser and run Bellsouth email account in case the problem continues for a longer period of time. 
  • Sometimes, our antivirus software can also block Bellsouth from a running problem. So, you may temporarily disable antivirus and see if this resolves the problem. 
  • If you are using Bellsouth on outlook or other similar email clients then make sure you are using the correct IMAP/ POP settings. 
  • In case you are unable to send Bellsouth email messages then check the size and format of the email you are trying to send. 
  • Those who are unable to sign in to Bellsouth email account should make sure that they are entering the correct password without making a typing mistake. 

How to Bellsouth email not working on iPhone 2021 or Android?

These days, most of us access our email accounts through mobile devices. Let’s take a look at some troubleshooting steps to fix Bellsouth email on an iPhone or Android.

  • First and foremost, you need to ensure that your iPhone/ Android is connected to mobile data or wifi.
  • Ensure that there is enough storage space available on your iPhone or Android to run the email application smoothly. 
  • Make sure you are entering the correct IMAP/ POP settings in order to configure Bellsouth email on an iPhone. 
  • In case you are unable to sign in then make sure you are entering the correct password. If you can’t remember the password then reset the same by running Bellsouth password recover. 
  • If none of the above steps work then you may take help via Bellsouth Customer Service.

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