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Able to receive emails but unable to send them.

My email account is receiving emails fine but while I try to send one, I face issues and the emails get stuck in drafts. I need to fix this problem urgently so if there is anyone who can provide me help with this, I will be really grateful.


4 Answers

  1. Large email attachments can cause your mailbox to lock, but it will unlock itself within 20 minutes. If the problem keeps happening, try deleting …

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  2. If you can receive emails but can not send emails this usually means the authenication required by the outgoing (SMTP) server is not configured. If you can’t send or receive emails the chances are your IP address has been auto banned, please go to this article instead. Please check the following before you contact us.

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  3. (If you’ve come here from a web search and use an email service other than … email client and your email will arrive in your inbox, but when it comes to sending a … Other causes for not being able to send include an invalid recipient address: it’s … send for about 20 seconds before giving up with ‚ÄúSending of message failed.

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  4. My Outlook account is not sending emails on my iPhone. There is no problem with receiving emails. Is it a problem with the IMAP settings or something else? Please let me what should I do to fix it?

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