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AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving Emails

I am not able to send or receive emails using my AOL email account. Please suggest me some troubleshooting measures.


6 Answers

  1. There are some reason mention over here if your AOL not sending emails to another person, might be attachment is a too large file, maybe your account is blocked, you are sending emails on an incorrect recipient’s, Incorrect SMTP Settings so now you can check here how to fix AOL not sending emails problem.

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  2. AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving Emails
    You may try the following solutions if you can’t send or receive email on AOL.
    • Make sure your Internet connection is working fine.
    • The browser you are using must be compatible.
    • Clear cache and cookies of your browser and try again.
    • Also, turn off the extension in your browser.
    • You may switch to another in case the problem continues.

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  3. If your AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving Emails Then flow those steps:
    AOL Mail not receiving emails is one of the most common problems nowadays. You should not be worried about it a lot. Here, I am to help you.
    Email filters are one of the most common reasons behind AOL mail not receiving emails issue.
    This filter helps you in filtering the new emails and lands them to the destination folder, but when you create any filter by mistake or you have used wrong parameters to filter the email.
    You won’t be able to receive the new emails on your devices anymore. In such a case, you have to delete the email filters first and then move your existing emails into the inbox or any other folder.

    • Go to the AOL Mail Sign IN page and type the username and password, then press the sign-in button.
    • Now click on the options button available on the top right side corner.
    • Press the mail settings option.
    • Go to the filter settings.
    • If you see any filter available, you need to click on it and press the delete button.

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  4. My AOL email account is not receiving or sending an email from the last two days. I have already checked my Internet connection. What should I do next?

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