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Comcast email keeps freezing up – How to Fix it

Xfinity Service keeps freezing, this is terrible how can i fix this issue


3 Answers

  1. Customers may see an Internet outage, slow speeds, Comcast email login issues … It keeps freezing up on me daily, if not several times per day. fredly ,

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  2. Every time I try to open certain emails in my Comcast email account. The email account starts to hang. I have to refresh multiple times. Why is it happening? Please help.

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  3. Make sure WiFi is on in your device settings. Make sure your device is connected to your Xfinity home network and not the Xfinity WiFi network or another wireless network by accident. Restart your device, open the Xfinity Stream app, and see if the app recognizes that you’re connected to your home network

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