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How Can I Configure Cox For Outlook (Manual Settings)

How can I Setup Cox Email account with Microsoft Outlook.


4 Answers

  1. Changing Email Server Settings for Android
    To open your Email app, tap the Email icon.
    On the upper-left corner, tap the Menu icon.
    Tap the Settings icon.
    From the Email settings window, tap your Cox Business Email account.
    Scroll down to the Advanced settings section and then tap Server settings.
    Complete the following under the Incoming server section.

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  2. I want to set up my Cox email on Microsoft Outlook but the automatic setting is not working for me. Can you provide me the manual settings for the configuration?

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  3. How Can I Setup My Cox Email with Outlook?
    • Open Outlook and go to ‘file’.
    • Click on ‘add account’ > ‘manual setup or additional server types’ and then select ‘next’.
    • Tap on ‘POP or IMAP’ on the Choose Service page and click on ‘next’.
    • Enter your name and Cox email address.
    • In ‘type account’ below ‘server information’, select pop3 and enter the following:
    o Incoming email:
    o Incoming port: 110
    o Outgoing email:
    o Outgoing port: 25
    • Under ‘login information’ provide your email address, password and select security as ‘none’.
    • Click on ‘test account settings’ and then on ‘finish’ button.

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