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How can I reset WhatsApp Web?

i am facing my whatsApp How can I reset WhatsApp Web


8 Answers

  1. Reset QR code.
    Open WhatsApp > tap More options > Settings.
    Tap the QR icon displayed next to your name.
    Tap More > Reset QR code > RESET > OK.

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  2. To reset your WhatsApp QR Code, Open WhatsApp > Settings. Tap the QR Code displayed next to your name. Tap Reset QR Code > Reset > OK

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  3. There is a way to unblock WhatsApp and to use it freely even in a country where the service is blocked, and that’s to use a virtual private network. A VPN works by installing a piece of software onto the device that you use to access WhatsApp, like your tablet or phone

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  4. How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC
    Make Sure WhatsApp Works On Your Phone.
    Reactivate The WhatsApp Web Session.
    Use Incognito Mode In Your Browser.
    Clear Cookies In Your Browsers.
    Let WhatsApp Bypass Your Network Settings.
    Disable The VPN Service On Your PC.
    Use Internet Troubleshooter On Your PC

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  5. How can I fix WhatsApp Web if it’s not working?
    Step 1: Is WhatsApp Down? …
    Step 2: Check Browser Compatibility. …
    Step 3: Check for Browser Updates. …
    Step 4: Clear Browser Cookies. …
    Step 5: Reset the Browser. …
    Step 6: Turn Off VPN Software. …
    Step 7: Turn Airplane Mode On and Off on Phones. …
    Step 8: Reset iPhone Network Settings.

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  6. Here’s how to reset browser settings on Chrome;
    Step 1: Click on the “Menu” (three dots) icon on the upper-right corner in Chrome.
    Step 2: Choose “More Tools >Clear Browsing Data”
    Step 3: Make sure “Cookies and other site data” is selected and then click “Clear Browsing Data.”

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