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How do you fix a Computer that won’t Start Up

How to fix a computer that won’t startup?

It becomes a very frustrating situation when you have something urgent to do, but your computer is not starting at all. The issue might be coming up due to random shutdown, blue screen, etc. You can try fixing the issue by yourself or contacting the technical support.

Fixes for computer won’t start issue

To fix a computer that is not starting up, you can try the following fixes:

  • Check your monitor- In some cases, the monitor might be faulty. So, you need to check the monitor and its cables.
  • Give more power to the computer- When the computer is not starting up, it might be due to the power supply issue. So, you can try using the direct switch instead of a power extension.
  • Reset the computer hardware- It might be possible that the hardware of the computer is causing the issue. So, you check the CPU settings.
  • Virus scan- You can scan for the viruses using the antivirus or a CD. You can try to boot your computer using a USB device or CD.
  • Safe mode- When the computer is not starting, you can boot it in the safe mode to get the screen on the monitor.
  • Hardware fault- If the hardware devices of the computer are faulty, it will affect the working of the computer as well.

If the issue is still, contact computer technical support and get the issue fixed. You can use the online search engine to get the results of the available technicians, both offline and online.


1 Answer

  1. General fixes if Windows won’t start
    Restart your computer.
    Press the F8 key before the Windows logo appears.
    At the Advanced Boot Options menu, select Last Known Good Configuration. The advanced boot options startup menu.
    Press Enter.

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