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How do you stop pop-ups on Internet Explorer?

Whenever I surf the internet my Internet Explorer browser, it gets flooded with random pop up ads. Some of these pop-ups also open up in separate windows causing a lot of inconveniences. Please suggest measures to get rid of these pop-ups.


6 Answers

  1. How do you stop pop ups on Internet Explorer?: While working on Internet explorer numerous pop ups start appearing and starts interfering with my work. I am really sick of them and need to get the solution for stopping them from appearing like this. Can someone provide me the needful solution? Please help.

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  2. How do I block ads on Internet Explorer?
    Click on the “InPrivate Filtering Settings” option, located right below “InPrivate Filtering” option that has a check mark next to it.
    Click on “Automatically block” for the default settings–this will block all third-party advertisements on every website that is opened in Internet Explorer.

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  3. The Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer keeps most sites from opening pop-ups … From the menu, choose Security and make sure “Block popup Windows” is not … Enable Popups – Windows. Internet Explorer. Select the Tools icon and then “Internet Options”. Click into the “Privacy”tab and click “Settings” beside Turn on …

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  4. Internet Explorer (Windows IE 9 and later)
    Click the GEAR icon and select Internet Options.
    Select the Privacy tab.
    Uncheck Turn on Pop-up Blocker to disable the pop-up blocker.
    Click the Settings button to disable pop-up blockers for specific sites.
    Click OK.

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  5. How do I get rid of pop ups on Internet Explorer 11?
    To disable the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 11:
    Click the Tools icon at the top right of your browser.
    Click Internet options.
    Click the Privacy tab.
    Under Pop-up Blocker section, deselect the checkbox next to Turn on Pop-up Blocker.
    Click OK.

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  6. How do I turn off pop up blocker on Internet Explorer 10?
    To disable pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 10:
    Click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop to open the program.
    Click the Tools button in the toolbar at the top of the browser window.
    Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    Click the Privacy tab in the Internet Options pop-up window.

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