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How to Add Roadrunner Webmail to Outlook

I want to Know about Steps for Add Roadrunner Webmail to Outlook


2 Answers

  1. Firstly, open mail application (outlook, thunderbird etc) and go to the “My Account” section. Next choose the “Add Account” option and then hit on the “Email” icon. Enter your Roadrunner email address and password in the respective field. Thereafter, skip the option automatically configure account and press “Next”.

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  2. How to Add Roadrunner Webmail to Outlook?
    Here is how to add roadrunner webmail to outlook
    • Go to MS outlook and click File<Add Account< ”Manually configure server settings”
    • Choose “Internet email” as the account type and enter your full name and email address.
    • Enter the following info on the next page.
    o Account type: POP3
    o Incoming mail server:
    o outgoing server:
    Note: Replace the domain with an abbreviation in your RR email address.
    • Then, enter your roadrunner email address & password.
    • Finally, save the settings.

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