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How to Change protonmail Password?

The protonmail is working fine on my laptop but the problem is that I can’t find the correct option to change the password. Someone please let me know the steps to change the protonmail password.


3 Answers

  1. Change password
    Go to your ProtonMail Settings page.
    In the Password section, click Change Password to set a new password.

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  2. ProtonMail’s encryption means that nobody but you can read the messages in your mailbox. … This security measure is a lot stronger compared to gmail because if ProtonMail were somehow hacked, the user messages remain secure because ProtonMail only stores encrypted messages. The hacker will have NO way to decrypt them.

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  3. This username is used as the main email address for that ProtonMail account ([email protected]). Unfortunately, we cannot change the main login username on your account. … You are welcome to create a new account at You can also add additional usernames to your account.

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