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How to Change Spotify Password? How to Fix It

Hi, I can’t find the option to change Spotify App password. Do I need to log out of the app? Please help.


2 Answers

  1. One way to address the Spotify password and login issues is to reset or change your password through the Spotify Password Reset page. Simply, go to and enter your account email address. Now, check your inbox and click the reset link on your mail. … You can enter your new password

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  2. How to Change Spotify Password? How to Fix It
    Try the following steps to change Spotify password.
    • Visit on a web browser.
    • Click on the “Log in” button from the upper right corner of the window.
    • Sign-in using your current password.
    • Click your username from the top and choose “Account”.
    • Then, scroll down and click “Change password”.
    • Enter your current password followed by a new password.
    • Finally, click on the “Set New Password” button.

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