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How to Contact Google for Email Password Recovery

I am facing some issues in Google tell me,  How to Contact Google for Email Password Recovery?


4 Answers

  1. How to Contact Google for Email Password Recovery?
    There are a few ways by which you may contact Google.
    1. Google Forum: You may post your query related to the password recovery in Google Forum.
    2. Google Feedback: Login to your any other google account and send your query as a feedback to the Google.

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  2. Avoid account & password recovery services For your security, you can’t call Google for help to sign into your account. We don’t work with any service that claims to provide account or password support. Do not give out your passwords or verification codes.

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  4. I don’t have a phone number or recovery email added to my account. Plus, the recovery form is also not helping in resetting Gmail password. Please let me know how I can contact Google in such a situation.

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