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How to fix an iPhone that keeps asking for Apple ID

No matter how many times I enter my Apple ID on my iPhone 7. It keeps on asking for it again and again. Please assist.


6 Answers

  1. How to Fix iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password Issue.
    1. Restart Your iPhone. Restarting is an essential thing that many people overlook. But it works wonder in fixing several kinds of software problems.
    2. Check for iOS Update.
    3. Check for Apps Update.
    4. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime.
    5. Sign Out from Apple ID and iCloud.

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  2. Signing in and out of your Apple ID is like restarting your iPhone, but for your Apple ID. Logging out and back in may fix a glitch that’s causing your iPhone to keep asking for your Apple ID password. Open Settings and tap on your name at the top of the screen. Scroll all the way down this menu and tap Sign Out.

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  3. Restart Your iPhone. Check for iOS Update. Check for Apps Update. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime. Sign Out from Apple ID and iCloud. Reset Apple ID Password. Reset All Settings. Backup and Restore iPhone.

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  4. IPhone keeps asking me repeatedly for my Apple ID to be verified with a password, how can I fix this issue? 11 Answers. Brandon Kaye, B.S. Biomedical …

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  5. How to fix an iPhone that keeps asking for Apple ID password
    > Turn if off and on again.
    > Update your software.
    > Check your apps and update.
    > Turn FaceTime and iMessage off and on again.
    > Sign out of iCloud.
    > Check iCloud is working.
    > Reset your password.
    > Back up and restore.

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  6. The iPhone iPad and iCloud keeps asking for password issue can be caused by problems with your Wi-Fi network. To fix the error, you’ll simply need to reset your network settings. Go to Settings on your device > General > Scroll down and tap Reset > Tap on Reset Network Settings

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