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How to Fix Clash of Clans Google Play Sign?

How can i fix this issue clash of clans google play sign in not working


6 Answers

  1. If you want to delete all your Game progress linked with your account.
    On your mobile device, open Settings .
    Tap Google.
    Tap Apps Connected.
    Select the game which you would like to clear your saved data from.
    Tap Disconnect. …
    Tap Disconnect.

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  2. Open the Clash of Clans application. Go to In Game Settings. Make sure you are connected to your Google+ account, so your old village will get linked to it. Press Help and Support.

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  3. After an extremely lengthy wait, the hugely popular strategy game Clash of Clans by SuperCell, has hit the Google Play Store. The game has already garnered millions of downloads on the Apple App Store and the time has finally come for the game to be enjoyed by Android users as well

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  4. Open Settings => Application Manager => Google Play Services => Clear Data/Cache. Open Settings => Accounts, remove your current Google ID account, re-add it then check the Sync App Data option. Open Google Settings Application => Connected Apps => Clash of Clans => Disconnect and then open game and try again!Apr 21, 2020

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  5. Every time I try to sign in to Clash of Clans using my Google account a connection error appears. I am sure that my Internet is working fine. Please help.

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  6. How to Fix Clash of Clans Google Play Sign-in?
    • Make sure that you have strong internet connection.
    • Use the latest version of Google Play.
    • Go to device settings > Google Play and clear data and cache.
    • Visit Google Settings Application > Connected Apps > Clash of Clans > Disconnect. Once again, try opening the game.
    • Connect your village with your Google ID and then delete your game profile.

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