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How to Fix Earthlink Email Not Working

In case you have ever used Earthlink Internet then you might know that along with the Earthlink Internet, you also get Earthlink Email account as well. The overall performance of this email service is very impressive. Plus, due to its simple functions and features, it is very simple to use the Earthlink email app. However, we also know that there is no email service available today that is completely immune to all kinds of errors and issues. The situation with Earthlink’s email is also quite similar. There are many errors which can result in Earthlink Email not working problem. In this post, we will discuss why Earthlink Email isn’t working for you and how you can get rid of the problem in an easy manner.

What are the common issues and errors that can occur in Earthlink Email?

There are a lot of different errors and issues which can cause problems with Earthlink Email. In fact, every user might have to face quite unique issues. However, there are some common problems that are faced by a large number of users. Given below is the list of some of the most common Earthlink email problems.

  • Earthlink email not working on Windows 10
  • Earthlink Email not opening on Google chrome
  • Unable to sign-in to Earthlink email
  • Earthlink Email account blocked
  • My Earthlink email account is hacked
  • Unable to send emails through Earthlink email account.
  • Not able to receive Emails on Earthlink email
  • Earthlink email password not working
  • Can’t able to change Earthlink Email password
  • Lost Earthlink Email password
  • Unable to receive Emails on my Earthlink email account
  • Not able to send the attachment via Earthlink email

Apart from the issues that we have mentioned above, there are a lot more problems that an Earthlink Email user might have to face. However, it is easy to get rid of most of these issues if you know the right process to do so.

Why is Earthlink Email not working for you?

It is very difficult for us to predict the reason why Earthlink’s email isn’t working for them. It is necessary for us to know the exact issue in order to predict the reason why Earthlink webmail is not working for you.

  • Slow and interrupted Internet Connection
  • The browser you are using is not compatible
  • There is a service outage to the Earthlink network
  • Accumulation of a lot of cache and cookies in your browser
  • Presence of a few problematic add-ons and plugins on your web browser
  • There is a virus or malware on your PC
  • Forgot Earthlink email password
  • You might have lost Earthlink email password recovery options
  • Antivirus or windows firewall stopping Earthlink email from loading properly.
  • You are using incorrect IMAP/ POP settings

It is not necessary that the problem you are facing with the Earthlink Email is due to the issue mentioned above only. In fact, there are many other possible reasons as well which can cause Earthlink Email to show malfunctions.

How to fix Earthlink Email not working problem?

In case your Earthlink Email account is not working on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. then you should try the following solutions.

  • The first thing you should ensure that your PC is connected to a proper Internet connection.
  • Make sure the browser on which you are using Earthlink email is compatible. It is recommended that you should use popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Check online for any known outages to the EarthLink network. You may check more about outages on the Known Outages pages.
  • You should ensure that your browser has cookies enabled.
  • Clear out the temporary files from your browser.

What are the steps to fix Earthlink Email not working on iPhone/ Android?

If you are unable to use Earthlink Email on iPhone or Android device then you should check out the following solutions.

  • First of all, ensure that your iPhone or Android device is connected to a fast and stable internet connection (through wifi or mobile data connection).
  • Ensure that there is enough storage space on your device so that all the applications can work smoothly.
  • Check the IMAP/ POP setting if you have configured Earthlink email account on iPhone/ Android.
  • You may also consider switching to POP from IMAP or vice versa in case the problem continues.
  • In case all the above methods fail to resolve the problem then you may consider using Earthlink Email account on any other device.

6 Answers

  1. Troubleshooting Web Mail Issues
    Wait a few minutes and try again. …
    Check online for any known outages to the EarthLink network. …
    Make sure your browser has cookies enabled. …
    Clear your browser’s temporary files. …
    If the problem continues, You can set up an email program to work directly on your computer.

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  2. To fix Earthlink email not working , you need to be sure of proper internet connection. Restart your network to correct any error and try to re-login in the Roadrunner email. Sometimes, the problem occurs due to browser error, and in that case, try to switch it to another browser. Also, reverify th

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  3. Click on your iOS device’s Settings Button. 2. Scroll down and click on the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option. 3. Click on your Hosting account (Thereisnowebpagehere in this example) 4. First, check your incoming mail server settings. Scroll down the page and click on the Advanced button.

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  6. The common issues with Earthlink email and their solutions. If you are unable to Configure their outlook account with Earthlink email; Users facing issues while …

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