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How to Fix Verizon Email Not Sending and Receiving Issue

Verizon Email account I am using is not sending or receiving any email. It is showing a strange error message whenever I try to send an email. I have no idea why it is happening. Can you please help me out?


3 Answers

  1. Make sure that you have entered the correct email address, user name, and password. If your account still does not work properly, check with your email service provider for details about how to configure your account in a mail application.

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  2. How to fix not receiving email, here we providing some useful steps … setup Verizon email imap/pop and smtp setting for resolve this kind of problems. … These settings let you send and receive your emails to/from other accounts.

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  3. having an issue “verizon email not sending” if yes, then you should follow … If you are having a problem receiving emails, make sure any filter is not making your …

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