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How to Make MSN My Home Page

I have recently started using Firefox as my web browser. I want to keep MSN as my default home page. What should I do?


3 Answers

  1. To make MSN your default homepage, follow these simple steps.
    Click More actions (…) on the address bar.
    Click Settings.
    Under Open Microsoft Edge with, select A specific page or pages.
    Enter into the text box and click the Save icon

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  2. How to Make MSN My Home Page?
    Check the steps to make MSN your home page on Mozilla Firefox.
    • First of all, open menu on your Firefox browser.
    • Choose “Option” and click on the home panel.
    • Click on the menu available next to “Homepage and new windows”.
    • Select the option to show either the Firefox home page, enter the URL of MSN

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  3. I prefer to keep MSN as my home page on all the browsers. But I can’t find the option to change and make MSN my home page on Mozilla Firefox.

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