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How to Make Yahoo My HomePage

Hi there, I am using Mozilla firefox as my web browser with Google as a homepage. What should I do to change my homepage to yahoo?


8 Answers

  1. 4 Steps to Make Yahoo My Homepage: For Google Chrome. 1.) Open Google Chrome and click on the Settings icon located on the top-right corner of your screen.

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  2. Steps to make Yahoo my homepage on my Windows? See how to define your default browser in Windows. Step 1: Go to the “Settings” application. You have some …

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  3. Click the Tools menu or the Gear button and select “Internet options.” If you don’t see the Tools menu, press Alt . Enter the Yahoo! address that you want to set into the “Home page” field. You should see this at the top of the “General” tab

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  4. beneath the box. … 4. Select “Open this page” and enter the Yahoo! page you want to sta… … Originally Answered: How do you make Yahoo your homepage in Chrome? Method 1 … How do I change my web browser from Yahoo to Google? Want to make Yahoo my Home page? Learn how to set Yahoo as homepage by following some steps in (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge, Safari) .

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  5. How to Make Yahoo My Home Page?
    On Chrome
    • Open your browser, click on more and select ‘settings’.
    • Go to ‘appearance’ and turn on the ‘show home’ button.
    • Click on enter custom web address and type
    On Firefox
    o Open Mozilla, open the menu and go to ‘options’.
    o Click on the home icon and tap the ‘Homepage and new windows’ drop-down menu.
    o Select ‘custom URL’ and write
    On Internet Explorer
     Open the browser, select ‘tools’ and click on ‘internet options’.
     Go to the General tab and Under ‘Home page’, enter
    Click ‘Ok’ and restart your browser

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  6. Follow the steps listed below to make Yahoo your home page on Chrome
    • Open menu by clicking three dots icon from the corner.
    • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
    • Open the “Appearance” tab from the left-hand side panel.
    • Toggle the switch against “Show Home Button”.
    • Finally, enter the MSN URL in “Enter Custom Web Address” field.

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