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How to recover SBCGlobal password when you forgot it?

I am not receiving temporary password even after multiple tries. I can’t remember my security question as well. Can you please help me?


7 Answers

  1. You can easily recover the password of your SBCGlobal account by using a temporary password received on your registered mobile phone or email address. Alternatively, you can also recover your password by answering your security question.

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  2. Here is way to fix your recover SBCGlobal Forgot password
    Step 1: Visit SBCGlobal website
    Step 2: Click on Forgot password
    Step3: using verification Method (Email or Phone Number, Date of Birth)
    Step 4 : Verification Code on Your Choosing any method
    Step 5: Type Verification Code
    Step 6: Type new Password with Strong Password
    Step 7: Finish

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  3. How to recover SBCGlobal password when you forgot it?
    • Go to AT&T login page and click on ‘forgot password?’.
    • Enter the user id, last name and captcha and click on ‘continue’.
    • A password reset page will appear.
    • Select ‘send me a temporary password’.
    • Choose the method by which you want to receive the temporary password- SMS or email and tap on ‘continue’.
    • Temporary password will be send to the registered mobile number or email id.
    • Create a new password using this temporary password.

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  4. How to recover SBCGlobal password when you forgot it?
    1. On the official login page of AT&T tap on ‘forgot password?’.
    2. Now, enter your SBCGlobal user id, the related last name and captcha.
    3. After providing these details click on ‘continue’ to open a password reset page.
    4. Choose between security question and temporary password option to reset SBCGlobal password.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions that appear to reset the password.

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