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How to Remove Malwarebytes From Windows

Hi, Sir, tell me How to Remove Malwarebytes From Windows?


3 Answers

  1. To uninstall Malwarebytes package from your Windows laptop, use the control board. control board could be a Windows utility that features tools to uninstall/change package on your laptop.
    Control Panel will uninstall our package, however it doesn’t delete Malwarebytes’ settings, license data, and different configuration files. To uninstall and delete Malwarebytes configuration files, sit down with the article Uninstall and put in victimization the Malwarebytes Support Tool.

    1. Open the beginning menu settled at the bottom-left of your screen.
    2. Rummage around for control board, then click control board to open the applying.
    For facilitate locating and victimization control board, sit down with Microsoft’s article wherever is management Panel?
    3. From control board, click one in all the subsequent choices
    Programs > Uninstall a program
    Programs and options
    Add or take away programs
    4. Click the Malwarebytes package you’re trying to uninstall, then click Uninstall or take away.
    5. If a User Account management window seems, click Yes.
    User Account management helps make sure you have given permission to uninstall your Malwarebytes package.
    6. Once Malwarebytes has been with success faraway from your laptop, click okay to exit.

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  2. How to Temporarily Disable Malwarebytes
    Expand the system tray in the taskbar to view the list of applications running in the background.
    Right-click the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware icon and then select “Enable Protection” from the context menu. Click “Yes” when prompted to turn off Real Time Protection.

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  3. How to Remove Malwarebytes from Windows?
    • Open Control Panel and go to Programs.
    • Select ‘Uninstall a Program’ option on this page.
    • A list of all programs installed in your system will appear.
    • Search for Malwarebytes and once found right-click on it.
    • Tap the ’uninstall’ button to begin the automatic uninstalling.
    • After the process is completed, click the Ok button.

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