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How to Reset Dishmail password

I am forgot Dishmail Password how can i Reset Dishmail Password


3 Answers

  1. Hence, to get back the dishmail account password these steps should be followed:

    Firstly, the user should go to the Dishmail account page.
    In the given space, the user needs to enter their user name or their email address correctly.
    Further the user need to enter their phone number
    The user will then get a code on their registered phone number that they need to enter it in the space required.
    Once the code is entered, the user need to enter their new password in the space required.
    Lastly select on save and sign in with the newly created password.

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  2. How To Reset & Change Dishmail Account Password
    If you are worried about that someone can know your password then you can change dishmail password. To change your password, you need to follow given below steps:

    Go to the login page of dishmail and enter your email id and password.
    Now go to the settings option.
    Here you need to scroll down and go to the edit password.
    Now you will have to enter current password then new password and select next option.
    You will get a message on your dishmail inbox that you have successfully changed your password.

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  3. How to Reset Dishmail password?
    Here are the steps to reset the Dishmail password.
    • Go to the login page of Dishmail.
    • Enter your Dishmail username or email address
    • Click on the “Forget your password” link.
    • Verify your identity by answering the security question.
    • Finally, create a new password.

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