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How to reset Google password?

The process to reset Google Password is given below.

  • Visit the Google/ Gmail login page and enter your gmail address.
  • Click “Next” and choose “Forget password?” on the next page.
  • Enter the last password you remember or else click “Try another way”.
  • Then Google will send a verification code to your phone number.
  • You may select the “Call” or “Text” option as per your preference.
  • Enter the verification code received and generate a new password.

5 Answers

  1. Change your password
    Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in.
    Under “Security,” select Signing in to Google.
    Choose Password. You might need to sign in again.
    Enter your new password, then select Change Password.

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  2. Gmail is one of the most important parts of Google. Most of the time happens that we forget our password, if you are in the same situation and .I’m not a programmer, nor a hacker… but my understanding of this is that your Android phone does not store your password. It stores an “auth token”. The token .. I have forgotten my password, but my browser remembers it. If your browser remembers your password (that is, the password field is automatically populated …

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  3. I am looking forward to reset the password of my Google account but I don’t know the steps. Can someone tell me how to do it?

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  4. How to reset Google password?
    • Visit the official Gmail login page
    • Enter your email address and tap the ‘next’ button.
    • Click the ‘Forgot password?’ link present on the screen.
    • Enter the last known password of your Google Account on the page that appears.
    • Again, provide the registered mobile number to get a verification code.
    • Use this code to create a new Gmail account password.
    • You can also click on ‘try another way’ to reset Google password using phone number (without last known password) or recovery email.

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  5. Hi, I am not able to remember my Google password. I am already signed in to my mobile phone. Please help me reset the password.

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