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How to Reset Lycos Password?

• Open Lycos forgot password page.
• Enter your member name or registered email address.
• Click the Reset Password button.
• Steps for same will be sent to the registered email address.
• Follow the instructions in the mail to reset your password.


4 Answers

  1. How can I reset my Lycos password if I have lost it? Please provide me detailed step-by-step instructions for the same.

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  2. How To recover/reset your password of Lycos Email account

    In the field provided, enter your member name or the email address you used to sign up for your account.
    Click the Reset Password button. If verified, your password reset information will be emailed to the account email address. …
    Click the Reset Password button. If successful, your Lycos Mail inbox appears.

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  3. Go to the AOL Sign-in page, and enter your email. Press Next > I forgot my password.
    Then, pick a reset option, enter the code, press Create a new password, enter the verification code, and press Verify.

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