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How to reset Outlook Password?

The steps to reset Outlook password are as follows.

  • Go to the password recovery page i.e.
  • Enter your outlook email address and click next.
  • Choose the method of receiving verification code under “We need to verify your identity” and click “Next”.
  • Enter the verification code that you will receive on your phone number or alternate email ID.
  • In case the code is correct then you will get the option to create a new strong password for your MS Outlook account.

7 Answers

  1. Update the password stored in Outlook. In Outlook, choose File > Account Settings > Account Settings. Select the email account you want to change, and then choose Change. In the Change Account window, update your password. Select Close after Outlook tests your account settings, then Finish > Close to return to Outlook.

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  2. Professional tool to set a new Outlook password. When thinking about resetting passwords, humans don’t do an excellent job

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  3. To reset your mail profile, open Control Panel via the Start Menu and double click the Mail applet. Press the Show Profile… button to add or delete mail profiles. For more information about recreating your mail profile see the guide; Adding/Recreating a Mail Profile

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  4. Explains the options for retrieving an Office account or password in Office for home and Office business. … Reset or change your password. Reset your Microsoft account password … Change or update your email password in Outlook on a PC

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  5. Since I am logging in to my Outlook account after a really long time I am not able to recall my password. How can I reset my Outlook password? Please reply.

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  6. How to reset Outlook password?
    • Open Microsoft Reset page and enter your registered phone number or email id.
    • Select the method by which you want to receive the security code- email or text.
    • Enter the code received on the next page and click the ‘Next’ button.
    • A list of all Microsoft account related to your registered phone number/ email address will appear.
    • You can now sign in to your account by setting a new password.

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  7. I don’t use my Outlook account regularly and can’t remember my password. Can you please help me recover my account?

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