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How to Reset Skype Password?

• Go to the Microsoft’s account recovery page
• Provide your username and the way you want to receive the security code- registered phone number or email.
• Enter the security code received in the ‘verify your identity’ field and select ‘next’.
• Now, provide a new password of your choice and confirm the same.


3 Answers

  1. There are two method to Reset skype Password
    First method is Scroll down and click Change password in the Settings and preferences section. 4) Enter your current Skype password, then click Sign in. 5) Click your Skype account (it can be email address or phone number), then Microsoft will send you an email/message with a code.

    Second method is If you will link your Skype and Microsoft accounts, yes, you’ll have one password for both accounts. … If you’ve forgotten your password, select the Forgot my password link under the Sign in button.

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  2. I have forgotten my Skype password and as a result not being able to login to my account and send messages. Please help me.

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