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How to Resolve AOL Desktop GOLD Won’t Open Issue?

The AOL Desktop Gold is not opening on my windows computer. I don’t know the exact reason behind this as it used to work fine. Please help.


2 Answers

  1. Clear your browser’s cache on AOL Desktop Gold
    Launch AOL Desktop Gold.
    Sign in with your username and password.
    In the top menu bar, click the Settings icon .
    In the left menu, click Browser.
    Click the Security tab.
    Click Clear Footprints Now.
    Select the data you’d like to clear and click Clear Footprints Now.

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  2. How to fix the “AOL desktop gold won’t open” issue?
    Install an antivirus solution on your device and run a scan to remove malicious programs or viruses from the device on which you are using AOL Gold.
    Check that the Operating system of your device is updated.
    Recheck all the system specifications of your device.

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