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How to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook?

I am continuously getting error while configuring my AT&T email on Microsoft Outlook. I’ve tried re-configuration multiple times but still not able to do it right. Can you help me with this?


3 Answers

  1. I give som steps to setup up your at&T email on your OUtlook
    In Outlook, select File > Add Account.
    Choose Manual setup or additional server types.
    Select Pop or IMAP.
    Complete your User Information: …
    Complete the Server Information: …
    Complete the Logon Information: …
    Select More Settings.

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  2. There is steps for How to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook?
    • Start Outlook and click on the File > Account Settings.
    • Select ‘Email’ tab under ‘New’.
    • Switch on ‘Server Settings’ and select ‘Next’.
    • Select ‘Internet Email Addresses’ > ‘Next’ and enter Your name and email address
    • In the box Type Account below Server Information, select imap and enter the recommended settings.
    • Below Login Information enter your email password and select Login with security as SSL.
    • Click on ‘Test Account Settings’ and then on ‘Finish’.

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  3. How to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook?
    • Open Outlook, go the File tab and click on Account Settings.
    • Under New, select Email.
    • Go to Server Settings and then click ‘Next’.
    • Select Internet Email Addresses, click ‘Next’ and enter your name & email address.
    • In the box ‘Type Account’ below ‘Server Information’, select IMAP and enter the following:
    o Incoming email:
    o Incoming port: 993
    o Outgoing email:
    o Outgoing port: 465
    • Under ‘Login Information’ enter your AT&T email address and password and type SSL under Login with security
    • Click on Test Account Settings and then on ‘Finish’.

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