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How to Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold?

I am not able to use my AOL desktop Gold account. It stopped sending emails to other account. There is no other problem. Can you please guide me on how to fix it? 


2 Answers

  1. Ensure that the automatic update option is on so that you upgrade AOL Gold. Clear the browser’s cache through the browser Settings option. Disable any firewall that is active and that may prevent AOL Gold from opening. Restart your computer so that the RAM memory is clear

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  2. Here are some quick and simple troubleshooting steps you can follow if your AOL software is not working:
    Solution 1: Check and update the application. One of the best features AOL Gold is that it updates automatically. …
    Solution 2: General settings. …
    Solution 3: Check the Add-ons. …
    Solution 4: Download install file.

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