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How to uninstall Panda?

I am trying to install Norton antivirus in my program but it sis shoeing issues due to presence of Panda antivirus program in my device. As such I need to uninstall Panda from my system. How can I do that? If someone knows, please reply. Thank you!!


6 Answers

  1. Overview. panda Security Center cannot be removed completely from your computer using the Windows uninstall utility. Although some panda products can be uninstalled in this way, the security center remains; trying to stop the service manually results in an “Access Denied” error.

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  2. Double-click the Panda_Antivirus. · Select the Uninstall option. · A window will be displayed requesting confirmation to begin the uninstallation process. · When the …

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  3. Download panda generic uninstaller to remove Panda Antivirus or security software from the PC completely. It is compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP.

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  4. Uninstall the protection (Panda Endpoint Protection):
    Go to Start – Settings – Control Panel.
    Go to Add or Remove Programs.
    Select Panda Endpoint Protection and click Remove.
    Restart the computer.

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  5. How can I uninstall Panda Security for Desktops?
    Go to the Windows Start button.
    Select Settings.
    Click Control panel.
    Double click on Add/Remove programs.
    Select Panda ClientShield.
    Click Add/Remove.

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  6. Start Navigator.
    Click the Environments tab.
    Click the Create button. …
    Select a Python version to run in the environment.
    Click OK. …
    Click the name of the new environment to activate it. …
    In the list above the packages table, select All to filter the table to show all packages in all channels.

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