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I can’t send or receive emails on my bigpond account.

My bigpond account is facing certain issues and I am able to neither send nor receive emails. I am totally unaware of the reasons why this is happening but need a solution right away. Can someone help me in fixing this issue? Please reply.


7 Answers

  1. In Mail on your Mac, if you can’t send emails, try these suggestions. … Make sure the outgoing (SMTP) mail server is specified as directed by the provider of your email account … If there’s a firewall problem, verify that firewall software isn’t blocking email traffic on port 25, 465 or 587 … Use rules to manage emails you receive.

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  2. Cause: Your ISP or network has a firewall that blocks connections to your email service’s outgoing mail (SMTP) server. Solution: See if your ISP or network administrator can provide an alternative SMTP server to use for your POP or IMAP account. … In the Outgoing server box, enter the server name or address.

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  3. Cannot send emails: How to fix email sending issues
    Check your internet connection. Yup. …
    Check your SMTP server details. This is an extremely common mistake: you have set up your mail client with the wrong SMTP parameters. …
    Verify all usernames and passwords. …
    Check your SMTP server connection. …
    Change your SMTP port. …
    Control your antivirus or firewall settings.

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  4. Access to email using your web browser
    Go to and click on the webmail link • Enter your BigPond username (or email address) • Enter your password, then click ‘Log in

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  5. I can’t send or receive emails on my phone or tablet:
    Check your internet connection.
    Check your password is correct. Forgotten something? Recover your username and password here.
    Make sure you’re using the latest email settings for your device.

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  6. All of a sudden, my bigpond account has stopped sending and receiving emails. I am tried switching my browser but it didn’t help. What else I can do to fix my account? Someone please assist.

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