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Icloud Email Not Sending and Receiving Issue

My iCloud email account is not sending or receiving emails and these problems are troubling me from the last week. I have no idea how to fix this issue on my own. Can anyone please suggest some easy troubleshooting methods? Thank you!


4 Answers

  1. First things first. iCloud Mail is available at on iPad, Mac, and PC. Make sure that you’re …
    If you can’t access iCloud Mail at If you’re using Safari, update Safari to its latest …
    If you can’t send mail from the Mail app on your Mac. Use these steps if your message can’t be …
    If you can’t receive mail in the Mail app on macOS. Find the name of your iCloud email account on

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  2. I can outbound send emails from my zoo mail account that are received by non-iCloud accounts, but they fail to get to iCloud … Only iCloud accounts are not receiving the emails. … I am having this same issue, but with Zoho Sign documents.

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  3. The error message means the credentials for that account are out-of-date in: Settings->Accounts->Check mail from other accounts. That would make sense if you change the password on the account but did NOT update the check-mail setting

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  4. Clear all the cookies and caches from the email settings. Also, delete all the unwanted email from inbox and outbox both. This will make space for the new emails. Use any antivirus application to combat and remove the virus if the device gets affected with it.

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