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iCloud Sync Not Working on Windows PC

iCloud sync in my Windows system is not working properly creating problems for me. Please provide me the ways to resolve this problem.


4 Answers

  1. Apple’s all-new iCloud for Windows app, now available in the Microsoft Store. … With the iCloud for Windows app and iCloud Drive on your Windows 10 PC, you can: Access your iCloud Drive files right from File Explorer, without using up space on your PC. Choose the files and folders you want to keep on your PC.

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  2. On Windows PC: Open the desktop App, iCloud, to check your iCloud settings, check your Apple ID and make sure the checkbox next to iCloud Drive is selected. If not, click the checkbox and choose Apply. On Mac: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud and then select iCloud Drive

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  3. To fix this problem, you could try the following steps. Make sure all the devices that you need to sync iPhone calendar is on the same Apple ID. If the computer is not on the same account, please add the device to Apple ID. Restart your iPhone calendar iCloud option at Settings > [you name] > iCloud > Calendar.

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  4. Set up iCloud for Windows
    Download iCloud for Windows. …
    Restart your computer.
    Make sure iCloud for Windows is open. …
    Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
    Choose the features and content that you want to keep up to date across your devices.
    Click Apply.

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