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My AOL Desktop Gold Icon is not working?

Although my AOL Desktop Gold is working fine I can’t launch it through its icon. I have to launch it through the program file. Can you please fix this problem for me?


3 Answers

  1. As sometime AOL gold stop working because of incompatible OS, internet connection or insufficient memory. Make sure your system is compatible with AOL Desktop Gold. Restart your system: There are times when the RAM gets clogged up with other work, even when the applications have been closed.

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  2. AOL Desktop Gold is optimized for broadband connections. If you access AOL using a dial-up connection, you’ll want to use AOL Dialer and the AOL Shield browser. If you still face the same issue and unable to solve your glitches then you have an option to contact an Expert and Professional Technician who is able to solve …

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  3. Select the “AOL Desktop Gold” option and go to uninstall the program. Download the “AOL Desktop” software from the authorized AOL website. After downloading the software, upgrade AOL Desktop Gold by fixing the newly downloaded file. At last, reboot your computer after the installation process is over.

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