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My Apple 10R will not send or receive email.

I am facing issues while trying to send or receive emails from my Apple device. I have no idea why this is happening. I need an urgent solution for this. Can anyone provide me the steps to fix this problem? Please someone reply soon.


6 Answers

  1. Step 1 – Go to Settings > Mail Step 2 – Tap Accounts Step 3 – Tap Add account … In this guide we show you how to add your email account with IMAP to the mail app on your iPhone with iOS 10. … Enter settings for the incoming and outgoing server … Note: If the folder is not listed, log in to Webmail and place an email in the …

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  2. Your ISP or network has a firewall that blocks connections to your email service’s outgoing mail (SMTP) server. Solution: See if your ISP or network administrator can provide an alternative SMTP server to use for your POP or IMAP account. … In the Outgoing server box, enter the server name or address.

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  3. Login to your AppleID at If your email address is not verified, click on the verify button, wait for the email, and then follow the link in that email to verify that email address. It’s possible you (or someone else) has used that email address as the rescue address for a different Apple ID

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  4. The reason you’re not getting emails on your iPhone could include a number of incorrect mail or fetch settings. Before you begin troubleshooting, make sure that the problem is with your iPhone and not with the email server.

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  5. Confirm Mail Settings in iOS
    Open the “Settings” app and go to “Accounts & Passwords” *
    Tap on the email account that is showing the “Cannot Get Mail” error messages.
    Login and authenticate with the mail account if necessary.

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  6. I am not able to send or receive new emails on my apple iPhone XR. I want to fix this urgently but don’t know how to do this. Can someone please tell me the steps to fix this issue? Thanks!

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