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How to Fix change password of gmail if any one has solution for this query. plz mention this solutions


4 Answers

  1. Hey, I am not able to find the option to change the password in my Gmail account. What is the correct process to do so? Please help.

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  2. change password of gmail
    Change the Google password by following the steps listed below.
    • Log into your Google Account through this link i.e.
    • Choose “Signing in to Google” under the “Security” tab.
    • Select “password” and sign-in using your current password again.
    • Provide a new password for your Google account and click “Change Password”.

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  3. change password of Gmail
    Follow the steps to change Gmail password.
    • Go to your Google Account through this link –
    • Choose “Signing in to Google” under “Security”.
    • Select Password.
    • Enter your current password for verification
    • Provide your new password twice and click “Change Password”.

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