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Outlook Email Not Sending and Receiving Issue

There is a problem with my Outlook email account. I am unable to send or receive emails. The problem is occurring on both the desktop and my mobile phone. Please let me know the steps to fix this issue. 


3 Answers

  1. Having problems with your business email account? Our guide explains why you might be having issues sending and receiving emails. … email online via the Microsoft Office 365 portal and send yourself some test messages.

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  2. – to view info and settings for each email account, double click on an email account. – Click (highlight) the extra or duplicate email accounts that you are not using … I can send emails to others but can’t receive them instead. Can someone tell me how to fix this Outlook not receiving emails issue?” Microsoft Outlook is one of …

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  3. Make sure that you have entered the correct email address, user name, and password. If your account still does not work properly, check with your email service provider for details about how to configure your account in a mail application.

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