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SBCGLOBAL.NET Email Settings Help

How to Solved SBCGLOBAL.NET Email Settings



2 Answers

  1. You have to click the cog, which will open the ‘SBCGlobal email settings’ on MS Windows 10 mail. Now, click on ‘accounts’ followed by ‘add accounts’. Then, choose ‘other account’ Now, you will have to enter the details such as your email address, password and other information that is asked from you.

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  2. SBCGlobal.Net Email Settings Help
    • Check incoming and outgoing port and make sure it matches the standard protocols
    • Make sure you have entered hostname, username, server name, password, etc correctly
    • You can try switching between IMAP and POP configuration
    • If nothing works, you can always re-configure SBCGlobal.Net

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