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Set UP Yandex Mail On Outlook

The yandex webmail interface is not very smooth. I am looking to set it up on my MS Outlook email client. Can you please help me with this?


4 Answers

  1. Manual Solution to Configure Yandex Mail with Outlook:

    Start Outlook.
    Click New – Select Email Account from the E-mail tab and then click Next.
    Select the Manually configure server settings or select additional server types check box …
    Click the POP or IMAP option after that click the Next button to configure Yandex mail …

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  2. Reboot your device as this can do the wonder in most of the cases. Uninstall and Re-install the application on your device. Check the IMAP/ POP Configuration Settings in Android. Make sure your phone is connected to the network.

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  3. To add your SBCGlobal email to Outlook, here is what you’re going to do:
    Open ‘Outlook’ and then, go to ‘File’ followed by ‘Add Account’.
    Select ‘Manual Setup’ or ‘Additional Server Types’.
    Select ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP’ followed by entering a display name and your SBCGlobal email address.

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  4. Steps to Configure Yandex Mail account as IMAP in Outlook
    Launch the Microsoft Outlook application in your desktop.
    Navigate to Tools » Account Settings » Email Accounts » Email >> New.
    Select ‘Manually configure Server settings or Additional Server Types’ » Click Next.

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