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Unable to send email from Roadrunner

The problem with my Roadrunner email account is that it is not sending and receiving. I am facing a lot of trouble because I cannot send emails from Roadrunner and it is my primary email account. Can you please let me know what should I do?


6 Answers

  1. I cannot send emails from roadrunner account and I have been facing this issue since 4-5 days. I am looking for a way to solve this problem on my own but don’t know the steps for the same. Can anyone help? Please reply soon. Thanks!!

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  2. Some users found themselves unable to send/ receive emails on Roadrunner, … Roadrunner email not sending/ receiving emails 2019: In case you can’t send …

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  3. Sometimes, user faces the issue Roadrunner Not Working while trying to send emails. The main reason of this issue is that outgoing mail server is not configured properly. You need to check your SMTP setting which is important part for sending emails.

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  4. If you can’t send email while you’re away from home, and you’re a guest on another network, that ISP may be blocking SMTP port 25. This port is standard for sending email. But it’s also standard for sending spam, so ISPs often block it. In order to send email again, you’ll have to change to a different port number.

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  5. Click “More Settings” on the bottom right. Click on “Outgoing Server” tab and select/check “My outgoing SMTP server requires authentication”. Make sure “use my same settings” is selected below that. Once you’ve finished your advanced settings, hit OK and then Finish.

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  6. If the problem does not resolve by changing the settings, then contact the customer support of the roadrunner email. If you are unable to send an email then this problem can occur due to server issues. Therefore, wait for some time to get it solved. If the email account is inactive then it will get locked.

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