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Unable to send email from Skype mail

My skype is not sending emails or messages to any of the contacts. I have already checked my Internet connection and I am using the latest version of Skype. What should I do next? Please reply.


6 Answers

  1. Add an external contact (someone not in your organization or using Skype)
    In Skype for Business, choose the contacts icons as shown below. …
    Type the person’s email address. …
    Right-click the contact you just added, and choose See Contact Card.
    Choose Add.
    Now you can enter additional information for the person.

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  2. You can create an email message directly from the Skype window. Hover over a person’s picture (or the generic human icon) for a contact or in search results. Click More Options (the three dots), then select Send an Email Message. An Outlook email message window will open with the To field populated

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  3. Skype enables you to add contacts from Facebook, Microsoft Outlook and a number of other email services, but not Gmail. According to a Skype support article, you cannot use your Google account to sign in to Skype on an Android device. You still have to create or use a Skype account.

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  4. Choose the default notebook and section where your emails will be saved. Email content. Send an email to [email protected] to save it directly in OneNote.

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  5. Solution 1 – Reset Skype
    Resetting Skype to its default settings has solved the Skype messages not sending problem for a lot of users. So, we recommend it as the first option for you to try. … Navigate to and select Skype, then click Advanced options. Under Reset, click the Reset button.

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  6. My Skype is not sending messages and this has been affecting my important work. Earlier this problem occurred a few times a day but now this has become persistent and outgoing messages are completely blocked. How do I fix this?

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